A.W. Tozer said these words  "We are called to an everlasting preoccupation with God." I think that sums up what the Vineyard in Perrysburg is going after. Have we arrived?  Of course not...we see life with God as a journey with the destination becoming like Jesus. We also see life following Jesus as a 24/7 endeavor, where we don’t take time off to have a work life, a fun life, a family life, but we live lives where God is placed dead center.  Life flows from Him to us...church is not just a Sunday event we attend but instead it is who we are...everyday!  We do not gather on Sunday to ponder great thoughts about a distant God, we gather to celebrate...and to experience the living God right in our midst.  We see ourselves not as “one great church” that everyone should attend but rather a part of the “One Great Church” of Jesus...His body.

I will warn you, if you should decide to come celebrate with us it might look like we have no plan as to what we are doing. We do.  We plan to worship God with much passion and joy. We plan to have a very good sermon that will help us become preoccupied with God. We will take very good care of your kids and they will learn much about God themselves in a very safe environment. And we will invite Holy Spirit to come...and He does...then things may change...(oh boy!) 


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