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Look for another session of the School of the Holy Spirit later this year.

David Cuppett

Bio for David Cuppett, 5 Stones Ministries School of the Holy Spirit

David Cuppett is the founder of 5 Stones Ministries having the assignment given through the vision of the Lord, to equip believers in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. David works with various churches to help lead the body into a deeper experience with the Holy Spirit and has focused the last five years on his calling to India where over 5,000 pastors have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and over 150,000 Indian people have experienced the transforming power of the Spirit of Prophesy. For more information regarding David’s ministry, his recent book titled “The Key of David, Experiencing the Voice of God” documents the amazing call to India and the equipping of the pastors and church leaders, as well as the spiritual awakening of the unsaved.  The book can be obtained on Amazon or the ministry website;

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