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Children Praying

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, Jan 2 - 22

Prayer Gatherings during the Fast

Join us on Saturdays, 6:00pm inside Rustbelt.  January 7, 14 and 21 for corporate prayer.


 Week 2 Devotions

Day 8 Fasting 101

Day 9 In the Moment

Day 10 Super Power

Day 11 Hope

Day 12 Food

Day 13 Peter

Day 14 Church Service, 10am


Week 1 Devotions

Day 1 Mark 1:1

Day 2 Stand up and Move

Day 3 Receive

Day 4 Sacrifice

Day 5 Quiet Time

Day 6 Vulnerable

Day 7 Church Service, 10am

Vineyard Rustbelt Service 11.18.18-036.JPG

Week 3 Devotions

Day 15 Greatly Beloved

Day 16 Lord of the Rings

Day 17 Sin is Sad

Day 18 Remain

Day 19 The Basics

Day 20

Day 21 Church Service, 10am

Vineyard Rustbelt Service 11.18.18-047.JPG

Corporate Prayer Focus for 2023.  Jesus as the center of it all.  All He wants is YOU to surrender.  Raise a all ways, worship Him, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Prince of Peace.  Emanual.  My Provider.  My all in all.  Almighty God.

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