The Journey...

The folowing videos show our community and the life therein. As Rich Mullins once said, "...nobody goes to church because they are perfect." These videos are intended to reflect the journey of our family - real people following Jesus, becoming his deciples, as He transforms our lives one step at a time.

We hope to add more videos that show the needs in our area and how we live life in the community, not in the building.

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Matt Rizzo
CEO of Renewed Mind
and member of Vineyard Church


Easter Sunday Dance
"Out Of Hiding" song by Steffany Gretzinger


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We believe...

there are couple of  commands the Lord left for the church. Communion and baptism. We see baptism as a step of obedience and a public display of our faith in the Lord Jesus. When we have said yes to Jesus we then follow Him in baptism.